Winchester, VA - (Cemetery Series 3 of 3) left pictures, top and bottom row; Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery; office has records back to May 4, 1854.

Center pictures, top and bottom row: Orrick Cemetery, established on land set aside by Robert Orrick following his death in 1902. Robert, born into slavery in 1841, shortly before the Civil War he was allowed to establish a livery stable, which he continued as a free man after Emancipation. Orrick became a minister, real estate owner, and prominent citizen of Winchester. At the time of his death his wealth was estimated at $25,000, which would be the equivalent of about $750,000 today. (The bottom picture presents the grave marker for Lindsey Jones, 1958-1980.)

Right pictures, top and bottom row: Hollingsworth-Parkins Early Quaker Cemetery; used during the 1700’s and 1800’s. When John Parkins died in 1815, his will stated that the cemetery is “Forever reserved for the purpose of burying ground for the use and to be at the disposal of the society of friends in general.”