Where the buffalos roam!

What is an obstinacy of Bison that are mobility challenged? It could be a herd of three legged buffalo. Or....it could be a great coin auction. And that’s what it is!

According to Rich Penn of Rich Penn Auctions, “We were asked to sell a massive coin collection for a Midwestern family estate. It came to us in a pile of cardboard boxes. Those boxes weighed over 200 pounds! We already had two other smaller collections and when we were done cataloging, there were over 12,000 coins of just about every variety. After weeks of sorting through the copper, silver and gold, we found a lot of rare coins. Talk about a massive collections, there’s some gold, but almost every silver and copper coin minted in the U.S. from the 1890s up to the 1960s. Dollars, halves, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Every Indian Head, Every Lincoln, every Liberty, Buffalo and Jefferson nickel. It just goes on! One of almost everything. The most fun was finding a small herd, that’s five, 3-legged buffalos, all ‘37Ds. There are hundreds of other buffalos. Most are being sold in large herds and they roam throughout the auction!”

The coin auction is one session of the 4 day Rich Penn Auction being held in Waterloo, IA on July 23-26. The coins all sell on Thursday afternoon, July 23. Penn went on, “The collection had a couple boxes full of coin books, including many early Meghrig green books. Nickles, dimes, quarters, halves and dollars, with many full or near full. My favorite was not a Meghrig but a Library of Coins Vol.14. It was nearly full of 1916-1930 Standing Liberty Quarters. As soon as I opened it...the luster on the coins was jaw dropping!” He went on, “There are about 30 books of great coins. But there are thousands of loose coins that had never been examined and sorted. That’s where the 3-legged buffalos came from, along with several double date strikes.” Penn added, “This auction has to be one of the largest collection of coins sold in my recent memory. There certainly should be something for every coin collector.”

The auction includes just under 300 lots and most lots are made up of multiple coins. A number of the lots are the most important single coins. In addition there are about 300 proof sets from the 1950’s to more current dates. Those are also sold in groupings. All lots are cataloged and sold in order. The auction will be a live Auction at the Waterloo site but it will also be live online through Live Auctioneers. Most lots online have multiple images to assist bidders in evaluating what’s in each of the multiple coin lots. A full color printed catalog is also available.

Auction preview is Thursday, July 23rd, starting at 9 a.m. until auction time at 2 p.m. For those who can’t make it, Penn offers multiple bidding options, including absentee, telephone and live bidding online through LiveAuctioneers. Find the links to the online catalog on Penn’s website. Full color catalogs will be available for $20. Prices realized will be posted online. Just contact Rich Penn Auctions at (319) 291-6688 to order yours. Go to www.RichPennAuctions.com to register or to preview the auction. Absentee and phone bidding are always welcome.