A few items need some help with identification

It’s been a while since Collectors Journal readers have had a mystery to solve. Here’s the information and pictures we received recently from Tom and Linda Streger of Iowa.

“We would like to know more about these two items that have been in family and passed on to us. Have included as much information as possible. We really enjoy getting the Journal and reading it. We are collectors of Fitch's hair products and Fiesta products. Question please email or call. Thanks for your help.”

Tom & Linda Streger

The one item is an icebox or refrigerator, but I think Tom and Linda are interested in getting more information about when the Kelvinator dates from. The second item looks to be a metal container or bottle. What that could have been used for is the mystery.

And we also have another puzzle to solve. Amy Lynch sent in the following information on a bean crock she owns. Amy is trying to decipher the mark on the bottom of the crock. The picture sent features only the bottom of the crock so it’s a little difficult to determine how large the crock is –but it doesn’t appear to be too large ---maybe a two-or-three quart size?

“The large crown on the bottom must mean something, but I cannot find it on the internet. Any info would be great!! Thank you!”

So if any of our readers can shed some light on these items, please contact us at Collectors Journal – at editor@collectorsjournal.com; meego929@aol.com or via telephone at (319) 472-4763.