Cast iron seats travel the globe to collectors

The late well-known Mount Vernon Iowa farmer and avid antique collector and auction goer, Dick Hoke, amassed quite an impressive collection over many years.  

His collection was quite uncommon – something many people might only see once or twice in their lifetime, let along hundreds.

Dick collected cast iron implement seats and he had nearly 1,000 of them on display and stored on his farm in Mount Vernon until his passing in 2007.

These cast iron seats recently were sold at auction by Wears Auctioneering out of Solon Iowa and have since been shipped all over the world to other collectors like Dick.

The collection 750+, 30 – 50 pound cast iron seats was quite cumbersome not only to collect, but to move, inventory and then ship across the world. Wears Auctioneering held three separate online auctions each with over 250 seats over the last year to disperse of the entire collection.

The prices ranged from lower end less collectible and more common varieties averaging $30 - $50 to the high end extremely rare and unique seats reaching well over $1,000!

These collectibles, although often referred to as Cast Iron Tractor Seats, are not truly meant for tractors in most cases. The age of these antique seats typically predates the modern tractor and were actually used on many different types of antique farm implements. Avid collectors search for certain name brands and styles associate with a particular piece of equipment.

Hours of research and study were spent cataloging and inventorying this collection in preparation for auction as prices drastically varied depending on the rarity and condition of each piece. Wears Auctioneering of Solon Iowa has been conducting auctions in Eastern Iowa for 40 years and although it’s fairly common to see one or two of these antique seats pop up on a farm auction here or there, it was quite a surprise to have the opportunity to sell such a massive and impressive collection. They elected to sell the entire collection via online only auction so as to ensure the widest possible reach and visibility – the auctions were a huge success.

Dick loved going to auctions and he traveled near and far to amass such a prized collection, but his taste was for the rare and unique! In the world of cast iron seat collecting, rarity ratings of 1 – 10+ are associated with each piece and noted in the collector’s guide. Dick had MANY 8, 9 and 10+ rated seats in his collection many in outstanding condition, of course those being the hardest to find and the costliest to obtain!

Over the course of three auctions, Wears Auctioneering attracted bidders from five different countries and many states across the United States. Pallets of seats were shipped overseas to Australia, across the border to Canada and to a variety of U.S. States to other happy collectors, many of whom knew Dick personally.

Although Dick is not here to see his pieces reach their new homes, we know he would be please that so many other Cast Iron Seat lovers like himself are now enjoying his hard-earned collection.