Historical Breyer horses are Number One with Emma and Ella!

For first cousins, Emma Parrilli and Ella Cagala, there’s always something happening with their extended families – holiday gatherings, birthday parties; summer boating, swimming and fun and, of course, their collections of Breyer horses!

In addition to being relatives, both of the girls are 11, so they’re best pals. They are both into horses – both actual riding and their Breyer horses. Their shared love for Breyer horses is obvious.  At several of the family gatherings the girls can almost always be found playing with their selection of ponies and horses. Their collections include a stable full of stallions, steeds, mares, Quarter horses as well as various types of horse breeds.

Emma, lives in Eagle, Wisconsin and is in fifth grade.

In a recent telephone conversation with Emma, she spoke of her love of horses as well as her vast collection of Breyer horses. “I probably have more than 150 horses,” Emma said. She began her collection when she was 5 years old and began riding horses when she was 3-1/2 years old. Already an accomplished equestrienne, Emma currently rides several times a month and will be riding more in the spring and summer months. She also competes in Barrel Racing competitions.

“I’ve always liked horses so when some of my friends had them (Breyer horses) I started collecting too,” Emma said. Some of the horses are the “little” ones, Emma says and others are “big” horses. Emma said the bigger horses can be approximately 7 inches to 8 inches tall, while the little horses are about 2 inches to 3 inches. Emma’s collection is displayed on shelves in her bedroom and others are stored in boxes.

As for her favorite member of her collection, Emma said it’s “Junior,” a Quarter Horse that was custom-made for her. Her other favorites are the “traditional” Breyer horses. Emma finds her Breyer horses in various places. “I get a lot of them on EBay, Amazon and my local tack shop,” she said.

Asked if she is interested in collecting more Breyer horses, Emma’s answer was quick – I will get more and I’m keeping them all.”

Meanwhile in Frankfort, Illinois, Ella Cagala is also a big collector of Breyer horses. Ella is also in fifth grade and loves riding horses and collecting Breyer horses.

Speaking with Ella recently, she explained that she was 4 when she started her collection of Breyer horses after beginning her riding lessons. “I really like them and enjoy setting them up in my bedroom,” she said.

Ella’s collection numbers approximately 50 horses of different sizes. Ella is also an accomplished equestrienne having taken riding lessons since she’s 3 years old. In addition to her weekly horseback riding lessons, Ella competes in several horse shows a year, riding an English saddle and participating in Dressage competitions.

Ella said her favorite Breyer horse is probably “Velagro,” a black Dressage horse that she described as a “big” horse. “He’s black and has no saddle,” said Ella. “Every one of my favorites are traditional Breyers,” Ella said.

Looking closely at the horses, one immediately notices the meticulous details featured on each of the models. “I display my collection in my bedroom,” Ella said. Another of Ella’s favorites is a Palamino. “I like to play with them and will probably keep on collecting,” she said.

Ella finds her Breyer horses at L & K Tack Shop and also checks on Amazon and EBay.

As of now, Ella doesn’t have any plans to begin another collection, but that may change, as she is a fan of birds as well.

The two cousins will be getting together in a couple of weeks and both of them will likely bring a few of their Breyer horses along for another spirited play session!

Breyer Horses have been manufactured since 1950 and those interested in starting a collection can find more information at www.breyerhorses.com.

Editor’s note: This is the first in what we at Collectors Journal hope will be a continuing series on young collectors. We’ll profile the young collectors and talk to them about how they started their particular collections. If you know a young collector or if you are a young collector, we’d love to speak with you. Please contact Kimberley Mathisen at (708) 769-3494 or at meego929@aol.com.