Pie lover has favorite group of keepers

The most traditional American desert is pie. Pie came to America with the first English settlers and pie has been with us ever since.  We not only have the fun of making pies and eating them we also socialize around them. We give pies to new neighbors and we give pies for birthday presents. If we don’t know what to give to someone for a gift, we give them a pie.

Dolores Chadwell, in Anamosa, Iowa, loves pies and pie plates with lids, also called Pie Keepers or Pie Servers.  

She said; “My favorite pie dessert is blueberry pie and my favorite Pie Keeper is the blueberry pie.”

The first Pie Keeper she found was the blueberry pie made by the Universal Trump Corporation in Taiwan. The pie plate lid is entirely covered with blueberries.  Later she found a blueberry pie with berries and lattice on the lid.

 Dolores is known for her delicious pies. She said she never bakes a pie in the Pie Keepers. She will bake a pie in another pie plate and set the baked pie in the Pie Keeper with the fancy lid. For instance, she had several pies in Pie Keepers on the table at a family dinner; blueberry pie, an apple pie, and a pumpkin pie. She sets her pies in the Pie Keepers and the lids give the clue as to which pie is where.

Dolores has an unusual collection of ceramic Pie Keepers.  The last Pie Keeper she found was a beautiful Peach Pie Keeper. Dolores’s granddaughter, Victoria, had attended an estate sale and she called Grandma from the sale and told her she found a peach pie for her.

Dolores was happy to hear that. She had been searching for peach for a long time. She drove in her car and made a bee-line for the estate sale and came home with the Peach Pie Keeper. The lid of the Pie Keeper is one huge peach with two green leaves. She also found more Apple Pie Keepers.

“I have several Apple Pie Keepers,” she said, “And they are all different.”

 One pie has apple slices on top. Another has lattice over the apples. One apple pie has crust with a single red apple at the top. There are more Pie Keepers with green apples, and yellow apples in her collection.  Some of the Apple Pie Keepers have apple pie recipes printed on the inside of the pie plate.

She has received several gifts. One time Dolores received a Plum Pie Keeper in the mail. It came from her brother in-law in Tennessee. A good friend, in her home town of Anamosa, gave her a Lemon Meringue Pie Keeper for a gift. It was the first time she had seen that kind.

Another scarce Pie Keeper is the Pecan Pie Keeper. Pecan halves are arrange neatly to cover the lid. The edges of the pie plate are fluted.

Dolores enjoys searching for different Pie Keepers at garage sales, flea markets, Estate Sales, Goodwill stores and other used a bit stores. She does not go to auctions.  Local craft store clientele informs her when they have a Pie Keeper.

 She said, “I am looking for a Chocolate Pie Keeper now, if there is such a thing.”

Researching the Internet, there are many different ceramic Pie Keepers in the 10-12 inches sizes. They are made in a variety of countries.  

Dolores does not buy on the Internet.  One reason is the Pie Keepers do not have the personal stories that involves family and friends behind each. Every Pie Keeper has a story. Dolores likes to show her collection to family and friends and tell the stories.  

The Pie Keepers have their own little room. Her husband made shelves for her collection. Each Pie Keeper is from 10 to 12 inches in diameter and today there are 20 Pie Keepers on those shelves and all are different.