I am sure other dealers were watching the weather when they started to include the August 2nd, 3rd and 4th What Cheer Flea Market dates in the forecast.  We watch to see just how warm it will be and if rain would have been in the forecast.  They said would be warm but sunny a week ahead.  But we all saw that change the next day but the forecast stayed nice as the date drew closer. The temperature went up some and with the August sun, it can get hot when you don't have a breeze or shade.

I took over a couple loads and set up on Friday in sunny weather. But the afternoon the sun was starting to heat up the cast iron pieces on my tables and people were having a tough time picking up things. So buyers should remember that a light weight pair of gloves in your pocket can be a big help. And prevent you from dropping an item due to it being hot

Other dealers and I were thinking the number of buyer were down but August is usually slower due to the State Fair coming up and school starting soon.  I am sure people budget their money and some skip August due to a shortage of money in the budget to come.  But by the end of the day though when I figured up how much I sold I had sold about the same as other August flea markets.  

I hate to say it, but the sun did wear me down, and during the night I wasn't feeling the best.  So I decided by morning even though I felt better it wasn't worth me getting too hot and maybe sick.  So I packed up early and came home Saturday. I am sorry to anyone who was looking for my booth. I want to thank my friends for checking on me as I packed up. They know what I been through and thought I did the right thing and not risk my health. On Sunday a number of people said it got really hot in the afternoon.  I just didn't want to load up in that heat.  I will likely quit doing the August Flea Market and just do the May and October flea markets.

I didn't buy too much but saw there were some great buys at the flea market and it was hard to pass up good buys. I had to keep telling myself my sheds were still full and I need to sell a little more. But as most dealers can tell you it is hard to pass up a good deal even when you have a lot of stock on hand. That is because true antiques are not something you can just buy from a catalog.  But I limited myself to a couple of buys but since then I hit a yard sale and bought some more stuff so I just was able to put off the urge to grab a good buy only so long.

Now some hints to help dealing with dealers.  Like I said a pair of light weight gloves to pick up metal pieces when the sun is out might save you from a burn or dropping a piece of cast iron. Just remember cast iron is brittle and when dropped can break like glass.  I had one customer years ago bring over a piece of cast iron and ask me to hold it since it was hot.  Then go walk back to look at another piece. I wanted to say leave it there and I will come over and we can talk about the pieces and then bag them up so neither of us burn our hands. That person was limiting their ability to ask for a better price just by doing that to me. So just remember a pair of gloves if you going to be handling metal pieces on a sunny day.

A rumor quickly spread through the dealers that someone was going around making low offers on pieces. It might be priced at $85 and they would offer $20.  Now the dealers have a grapevine up there. The older dealers usually will tell other older dealers about such things.  I happened to hear from an old dealer I know when I went on a bathroom break and told a dealer next to me he said he had heard it too.  Now we found out through the grapevine that it was a dealer trying to buy a load for a shop and they had left Thursday. But that put us on guard. I mean some people see these TV shows where they make super low offers and the people accept it. That isn't going to happen these days. I can tell you our profit margin has grown so small in this trade that we can't cut a lot.  We try to work with customers but you not going to get something for half the price it is marked for.  

If some dealer is accepting that low of offer you might want to look the item over. Since it could have been damaged since they put their price on it. The dealer might be getting rid of that piece so check it over you might not have got the deal you think you did.  

There has been a change in how you drive golf carts on the track.  From what Bill told me they were having trouble with people stopping to visit with some in another golf cart and blocking the alleys to people walking.  So each alley is labeled which direction you can drive.  This is the only change I have seen from the standard rules.

I plan to be back in October and hope to have some more unique and unusual items.  I know I picked up some pieces for people who create pieces and a vintage three-speed Schwinn bicycle over the last weekend. So be sure to check out what I find by the next flea market.