The following e-mail was sent to me a few days ago. The reader is looking for some help with a book about postcards and perhaps our readers can be of some assistance. ~~Kimberley Mathisen

Here is his letter:

“Help needed! I am near completion of manuscripts on two postcard books featuring cards from the Belle Epoch of Paris. This will be nice companions to the present Postcards of Alphonse Mucha by Mary Martin and myself, now in its second edition and used worldwide. I am seeking biographical information as well as images of art (beyond that on postcards, which I already have) for the following artists.

I appreciate any information you can give and will respond to all replies.

Thank you

Dave Bowers at

Editions Cinos:

M. Duizolle

[have images but no biography]

Collection des Cent:

Guy Bonnet

Michael Cassé

L. Espinasse

F. Frog

Charles Henrida

[have one image]

E. Flament


Maurice Marodon

[Have images but nothing at all on biography]

C. Varé