Building itself and contents are an antique treasure!

I was on my way to Aurora, Iowa, to the Open House at “Get Me to the Church on Time,” on Prospect Street. I was thinking, why did Jody Kivell Gage give her business this particular name? Did it have anything to do with the “My Fair Lady” in 1956 or the film that appeared in 1964?  I was about to find out and share it with the world.  

I found Prospect Street, on the west side of the tiny town and parked legally on St. Paul’s Lutheran Church property. It was early but there were so many cars parked in front of the little church with white painted, wood siding.  I came back the next day to get a good picture without cars.

There was not a steeple or bell tower but the gold cross above the door indicated it was a church at one time.  I was at the right place.

When I reached the front door of the church one of the owners of the new business in the church met me and gave me permission to take photographs and write a story for Collector’s Journal about the new antiques and collectibles business in Aurora.   

I stepped in the entry door and photographed the glass encased sign; “ST PAULS LUTHERAN/ CHURCH BUILT 1891/ ENTRY ADDED 1911/ LAST WORSHIP/ SERVICE/ Time FALL 2017.  

Moving on to the sanctuary, the pews had been removed. A long, ten foot table that originally came from the Edgewood school, was recycled into a four foot and a six foot table for convenience.  They were now covered with collectible merchandise.

 A beautiful walnut dresser was already sold. There seemed to be something for everyone, pottery, quilts, lamps, books, and furniture.

Jody escorted me around the church pointing out the original light fixtures and window panes. Other details of the period are the white wainscoting on the lower half of the wall and original solid oak floors. The church is a lovely antique.  

Jody said they had bought the church and one- third acre of ground just a month before and she did not know if she could be ready for an Open House the same day that other events in town were taking place.  

She informed me, “I had lots of help from friends and my son. I am ready, however the balcony, where 2,000 hats and 2,500 pieces of vintage clothing will be, is not open today.’’

When asked how she decided on the name for her business she said, “Get Me to the Church on Time, seemed to be the appropriate name for it considering the circumstances.”   

Jody loves antiques and has a fast collection. She has grown up with antiques. Her father Jim Kivell was an auctioneer for 50 years. Her first thought was to store the collection in the church and later decided it was time to part with some of it.  The church is open by appointment. Call Jody at (563) 920-4406.