And away she goes!

Barrett Bray, of Edmond, Oklahoma, and Emily Wears Kroul, of Solon, Iowa, won the 2018 NAA International Auctioneer Championship Men’s and Women’s Divisions on Friday, July 20, 2018, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Iowa native, Emily Wears Kroul has won every major auctioneering award!

Since this reporter first reported on Emily Wears in April of 2017, she’s been quite busy. Between crisscrossing the country – from Iowa to Los Angeles and Idaho –Emily has maintained a break-neck speed. And in that same time frame she found time to plan her wedding and get married to rodeo cowboy, Cody Kroul in May of last year.  

In addition to her continued filming on “Storage Wars” her latest accomplishment is a real winner – in July, 2018, Emily won the International Auctioneer Championship (NAA IAC) for women in Jacksonville, Florida.

In a recent telephone conversation with Emily, she spoke about her most recent win. “This was my 10th year competing,” Emily said. “Winning the International Auctioneer Award is like the Super Bowl of auctioneering.” Emily had been in the finals of that competition every year and was thrilled to be named a winner.  Emily said her competitors came from a variety of countries. One from China as well as a woman from South Africa, and two women from Ireland and one from Canada took part in the contest. “There were a total of 16 women competing –and more than 70 men,” she said.

According to a press release issued by the NAA Emily, is a former champion in Iowa (2009), Colorado (2012) and Wyoming (2014). Wears Kroul is a second-generation NAA auction professional. She works full time in the family business, Wears Auctioneering, with her dad, Brent, and handles all online auctions as well as onsite auctions on weekends. Emily is an auctioneer on A&E’s reality show “Storage Wars.”

The men’s winner, Barrett Bray, of Edmond, Oklahoma, AMM, BAS, and Emily Wears Kroul, CAI, ATS, BAS, received a $5,000 cash award, trophy and championship ring for their winning efforts through the preliminary bid-calling round, an interview round consisting of three questions, and a final round of bid-calling that included the top 15 men and seven women. In the two divisions, 62 men and 15 women competed for the right to be known as one of the best auction professionals in the world. Both the IAC and IJAC were conducted as part of the NAA’s 69th Annual International Auctioneers Conference and Show, which took place in Jacksonville, Florida. IAC contestants must be 18 years of age or older, a current NAA member, and registered for Conference and Show.

Meanwhile getting back to Emily’s adventures, she handles all the online auctions for Wears Auctioneering, Inc. in Solon, Iowa as well as taking part in live auctions as well.  She wrapped up filming for “Storage Wars” and now she and her husband are planning a move to Salmon, Idaho. “It’s been busy –I’m leaving for New Orleans to help with next year’s NAA IAC show,” she said. “The convention lasts one week and there’s a lot going on –social events, dinners, continuing education, and competitions,” Emily said. And in September and November, Emily and Cody will be heading to Kentucky for rodeo competitions that Cody will take part in. Emily said Cody has found a full-time job that he’ll begin in a couple of weeks and the couple hopes to be settled in Idaho as quickly as possible.

She’s also continued with her singing career performing in Solon for a few shows and appearing in “Music on Main,” during this summer.

Despite her full schedule Emily said one of her goals is to get back to her leather business, which has been on hold for a while. Some of her creations in leather include decorated cowboy boots, purses, bags and other leather goods.

As she puts competitive auctioneering behind her – with a host of winning trophies, we’ll await Emily’s next accomplishments – and we can be sure there’ll be more to come from this talented young woman!

Emily can be reached through Wears Auctioneering, Inc. at (319) 624-3379 or find her on Facebook.