Large book covers nearly 200 years of German/Prussian weapons

Collectors of historic military items such as swords, daggers and other weapons from the past will be very interested in “Legacies in Steel: Personalized and Historical German Military Edged Weapons by Hermann Hampe and Rick Dauzat.

The large hardcover book is filled with beautiful pictures of Prussian and German pieces that date back to 1800, the dawn of the 19th century. And it also covers weaponry used through 1990. Many of the weapons are ceremonial, while others were manufactured with use in mind. “Nearly 100 examples have been carefully selected from some of the most important private collections in the world as well as German museums. This is the largest compendium of personalized edged weapons published to date,” was information about the book found on the Internet.

The book offers nine categories that the authors have focused on including Prussian Naval Daggers; Imperial German Army Sabers, Degens and Pallasches; Imperial Naval Daggers; Imperial Naval Swords; Imperial German Automobile and Aero Corps Daggers; Military Daggers from 1933-1945; Heer Daggers; Kriegsmarine (Naval) Daggers; Luftwaffe (Air Force) Daggers; and Daggers of the German Democratic Republic.

Because many of the pieces featured in the book have been personalized, the people who owned them were able to be investigated more thoroughly for readers. The following statement is from the inside cover: “Many of these excellent weapons, carefully selected from museums and private collections, are exquisite examples of their type. Moreover, most of them are personalized weapons, meaning that it has been possible to research their owners, many of them high-ranking officers, aristocrats and nobility. Tracing their life and career, and examining how the weapon came into their possession, places these unique artifacts into their full historical context.” of lances; daggers and swords from Medieval times and other historical epochs of the past, was extremely excited about the book’s outstanding photos and comprehensive nature of the pieces showcased within the 608 pages of the book. Detailed photos of the pieces allow the reader to gain insight into the craftsmanship and artistry involved in creating the pieces. Gold, silver and other precious metals were used in the manufacture of these pieces as well as the adornments such as woven fabrics.

Those interested in museum-quality daggers, swords and other ornamental pieces of weaponry, will want to look through the book. At 608 pages, however, it will likely require more than one sitting. Information is provided along with the wonderful photographs of these pieces, and when possible pictures of the owners and military personnel are provided as well.

Information about the authors was also found on the inside paper cover of the book: “Hermann Hampe was born in Germany. Currently he lives in Cannes, France and in his free time writes about historical themes in the area of edged weapons. He is planning on completing research and publications on the legendary Japanese Nihonto swords. Rick Dauzat is a retired oil and gas executive. His passion for history and the exquisite edged weapons of Imperial Germany prior to 1919 spans more than 25 years. He continues to actively research the topic with a focus on personalized weapons of historical importance. He resides in the U.S.”

Priced at $200, Legacies in Steel: Personalized and Historical German Military Edged Weapons 1800-1990” is available through EBay; Amazon; Barnes & Noble on the Internet –some listed at lower prices than $200.