Another fun Sunday for shoppers and vendors in Bloomington, Illinois for one-day sale

Taking over when his parents retired from the 3rd Sunday Market, Mike Raycraft is a busy man. In a recent telephone conversation, Mike was on his way to teach a class at the University of Illinois, while also planning for the next 3rd Sunday event to be held November 11, 2018 in Bloomington, Illinois. Mike’s parents, Don and Carol Raycraft, began the market 31 years ago, so Mike was very familiar with the market. And it made perfect sense that when they decided to retire, Mike took over organizing and operating the events.

“This November sale is a special one,” Mike said. “Our usual 3rd Sunday Markets are scheduled from May to October, which draw thousands of antique collectors and shoppers, and with the November date, we’re also expecting a large turnout.”

Mike said the November event is part of two special days for the market, with the next one scheduled in February of 2019. Most of the space that is rented to vendors in November and February is inside, due to the colder weather, but if the weather permits, Mike said some vendors prefer to be outside.

The November sale date will welcome approximately 125 to 150 vendors that come from all over the Midwest and beyond, Mike said. “We have vendors coming from Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri and Kansas,” he said, noting that some of the vendors that hail from Michigan and Wisconsin are vendors who like the outdoors no matter the weather.

Those who are looking for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday items won’t be disappointed, Mike said. “The vendors are bringing holiday items many of which are antique and vintage.”

And while Mike doesn’t operate a booth at the event, he said, “I am an active collector.” Mike collects several items related to Americana, vintage sports items, autographs and vintage holiday items. His parents are also “big time” antique lovers and have done so for many years.

Operating the events throughout the year takes a lot of organizational skills and Mike stays on top of the needed tasks. “I have a staff of 10 that helps,” he said. The same crew has been on board for 20 years, and Mike said they help keep everything flowing smoothly.

The 3rd Sunday Market hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11 at the Interstate Center, 2301 W. Market Street in Bloomington, Illinois. Admission is $6 and children under the age of 13 are free. Food will be available and the market is open rain or shine with free parking. No pets are allowed at the market.

For more information about the 3rd Sunday Market, contact Mike Raycraft at (217) 202-2847 or visit the web site at The market is also on Facebook under 3rd Sunday Market.