Back a few years ago I purchased two pieces of art featuring postcards. The first featured about a dozen postcards mounted in a frame, and depicted life in Cuba. That was eventually purchased by a man at the Kane County Flea Market. He felt the need to inform me later that a few of the postcards were worth about $25 each. That did not warm my heart as I had sold the entire selection to him for about $25. Live and learn. The second group included about 14 postcards mounted on poster board and framed as well. That’s the group I’m sharing with our readers now. The postcards all are from Holland and date from 1939 up to 1953. Here’s some of the information I was able to glean from the cards:

A Christmas postcard (in color) dates from 1945 and was sent from The Netherlands to a person in New Jersey. The writer is asking for some cleansing cream to be sent in a parcel to them in Europe. I can only imagine how difficult life was for Europeans in the immediate post-war upheavals throughout the continent and in the United Kingdom.

Several of the cards are blank, but it’s surprising to me how postcards (and not letters) were used for news of the family as well as greeting cards back then.

All of the postcards are in color and seem to feature industrious people completing their chores. There is only one where the subject is seated and relaxing.

I haven’t been to The Netherlands, but have a soft spot for the country as my father completed his first combat jump with the 101st Airborne in Holland during World War II. I believe it was Market Garden. And as my husband is of Dutch descent, he enjoyed looking at these postcards. We’ll keep them in honor of his grandmother.