A lot of mystery items have been solved by readers of Collectors Journal over the past several years, but I’m not sure we have ever dealt with a piece of art.

Well, that has changed and now we have another mystery to get to the bottom of. This time out, it’s a signed oil painting. The problem lies in the fact that the owner’s research seems to indicate that the artist died three years before the creation of the painting.

Here’s the information that I received from the owner: “My name is Michael Patrick. Our research on this painter is that he is a real person, but supposedly died in 1946, before the date on the painting. Do you have any other information at all?”

Right off the top of my head, it may be that the artist left pieces of finished works prior to his passing. Survivors to his estate may have taken a few years to sort through his works, and subsequently released them at a later date. The artist may also have indicated what year he was planning to release this particular piece, but died before the date. Who knows?

A few other alternatives are possible as well, but if there are any readers out there who can shed some light on this mystery, we’d love to hear from you. Please examine the pictures as best you can and if you have an clues or ideas, please contact us. Happy solving!

Please send any solves or theories to: editor@collectorsjournal.com; meego929@aol.com or telephone us at (319) 472-4763.