It’s been a while since we’ve received a mystery item, but just recently Larry Gilbert contacted Collectors Journal about a mysterious item he purchased not too long ago. Judging from the picture, the object does appear to be some type of tool, but who knows?

Here’s what Larry has to say about his recent find. “I found it at an auction along with other very unusual tools and no one at the auction knew what it was for. It has a wood grip, brass trim only on one side. Attached with four screws. The Brass Plate has three rivets which appear to be original. The metal is in a slot in the wood. The wood appears to be rosewood. There is a BH stamped in the metal but no marks on the wood. The metal has various designs and shapes – no sharp edges. It may be a guide for woodworking/building or furniture making or is this a marriage of different tools put together?”

Let’s try to help Larry figure out this mystery. I’m sure we all know we have to do. Don your deerstalker caps and get out your spyglasses and help Larry learn about this item --if anyone can identify these items or provide any information, please contact us at Collectors Journal. We can be reached at; or at (319) 472-4763.