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What exactly is “Repousse' Silver”? I’ve been an Auctioneer & Appraiser for 25+ years, an Antiques Dealer for 35+ years, and I know “Repousse' Silver” when I see it. But if asked to define it, I would probably draw a blank.

Repousse' Silver is Sterling Silver (or other metal) that has a raised or relief design hammered in from the backside of the piece. Sometimes the back displays the hammered design; other times the hammered design has been filled in and solid. There are various “Repousse' Silver” designs including flowers, shells, faces, animals, etc. And there are various Repousse' makers as well. But the defining fact is that Repousse' Silver has an elaborate and attractive 3-D feel when using it.

If you like the look, expect to pay a premium price as Repousse' is quite popular with silver collectors and users today.

WHAT’S IT WORTH ANTIQUE MINUTE: Recently a Sterling Silver Repousse' Flatware Set (84 pieces), having a scrap silver value of approximately $1,000… sold for $3,800 at a local Auction. The owners obviously made the right decision when they consigned it to Auction versus selling to a “We Buy Gold” store for scrap value.

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