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Here’s a concept that’s rarely discussed: “The Antiques & Collectible Pecking Order.” What I mean is that there are different levels within the Antiques & Collectibles trade, and it’s sometimes interesting to watch an item move from one level to the other, and how “value” changes at each level.

This is a true story and a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Some years ago my friend purchased an Antique country wooden bucket, in original blue milk-based paint, at a Garage Sale (level #1) for $1. We met the next day at a Flea Market (level #2) where we were both set-up and he sold it to me for $10. It was a fair price and I had no intention of selling it. My plan was to take it home and add it to my collection.

Temporarily I placed it in my van. The next thing I knew another dealer who happened to be shopping the Flea Market saw the bucket and asked its price. I said it wasn’t for sale. Before long the offer was $200 and I couldn’t say “No” any longer. I accepted the $200 and split it with my friend. I later learned that the new owner was a high-end antiques dealer. He took it to the high-end Antiques Show (level #3) where he was exhibiting that weekend and I heard through the grapevine that he sold it for $500 to a serious and wealthy collector (level #4).

The point of this vignette is that something purchased for $1 at a Garage Sale on a Saturday morning, traded hands several times, subsequently selling for $10, then $200, and finally for $500, on the very next day. This illustrates the way merchandise can move through the Antiques & Collectibles Chain or Pecking Order, until it finally reaches the ultimate retail buyer.

What a great business we’re in.

WHAT’S IT WORTH? Eventually almost every collector reaches the point where they decide to sell their collection. Age, health, death, divorce, declining interest, a pending move or downsizing, and sometimes even debt or financial obligations motivate individuals to sell their collections. There’s a lot of great merchandise coming back into the marketplace today, with even more returning in the coming years. Which is great news if you’re a collector because, with declining prices and fresh merchandise, there probably hasn’t been a better time to collect over the past 25 years.

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