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As a frequent buyer of antiques, collectibles, and general household items, my telephone rings constantly with people offering to sell me things, and sometimes I buy. Usually I don’t buy because I’m not interested in what they are offering, or the asking price is too high.

But over the past five years I have noticed an increased regularity in the types of things people are trying to unload. Drum Roll Please. The top four telephone calls I receive on a regular basis, in descending order, are:

Call #4 - Will you buy my bedroom set? (Thanks, but no.)

Call #3 - Will you buy my living room set? (Thanks, but I’ll pass).

Call #2 – Will you buy my china set? (Thanks, but I’m not interested).

Call #1 – Will you buy my dining room set? (Thanks, but absolutely not.)

They can’t take these items with them when they move or downsize. Their Children don’t want them. Auctioneers and Antiques Dealers no longer want them because the packing & moving hassle exceeds the profit potential. And because they are having such a difficult time selling these items, in desperation they either go through the telephone book, or do a Google Search, trying to locate any potential buyer.

WHAT”S IT WORTH? How much work are you willing to do? Garage Sale? CraigsList? Newspaper Ad? Sometimes the easiest thing to do is call a non-profit who picks-up and let them haul it away for free, take a small tax write-off, and be done with it.

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