The Northern Tissue trademark dolls

The James River Corp. doll with the porcelain head and synthetic hair is an “American Beauty.”

The James River Corporation has offered several Northern Tissue Dolls resembling the advertising dolls on the tissue packages and in magazine advertisements. The Northern Tissue dolls are delightful. The first four dolls have vinyl heads and hands. They have friendly freckles and smiles with teeth showing. The hair looks real and is actually made of rooted synthetic fibers. The bodies of the first three dolls is flesh colored cotton with white cloth shoes sewed to the legs. Each doll is 16 –inches tall.

The first premium doll has strawberry blond hair and wears a yellow dress with white lace trim. Inscribed on the of the head is the marking; “Northern™ Doll © James River Corp. 1986”

A second doll was offered in November 1988 until March 31, 1989. This doll has two red pony tails, tied with yellow ribbon. She is wearing a green jumper and a yellow print blouse. Marks on the back of the head are; “Northern™ Doll ©James River Corp. 1988.”

The third Northern Tissue Doll was offered in 1991. This little darling has blond braids and blue eyes. She is all ready for bed in a white flannel night gown, trimmed with white eyelet and blue ribbon. Marks inscribed on the back of the head; “Northern™ Doll © James River Corp. 1990.”

Another Northern Tissue Doll was offered ibn 1993.This doll is an African American doll with dark brown hair tied up in blue ribbons. The doll wears a pink flannel nightgown. Once again the doll is well marked on the back of the head; “Northern ™ Doll /© James River Corp. 1993. These premium doll offers were all advertised in Sunday supplements and on the packages of Northern Tissue. They ranged in price from $10.95 to $11.95 plus the dolls faces on the tissue package. Each doll require pictures from three packages. Good luck finding these little darlings on the secondary market. The marks will help identify them however some of the dolls may not have the original clothing. Doll with original clothing, in good condition sell for about $25.

The most beautiful doll of all was offered by the James River Corporation in 1997. It is also 16-inches tall. This time the doll has porcelain head, arm and legs. The body is a stuffed cloth body. She has synthetic ash blond hair in a fashionable, pageboy style. She looks like she is ready for her birthday party, dressed in a long sleeved, red blouse and knee length, blue jumper. The doll has red shoes and white anklets. There are identifying marks molded on the back of her head; ”NORTHERN™ DOLL © JAMES RIVER CORP.”