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The 7.5 inch Curad Taped Crusader, vinyl bank is scarce and collators of the Ad World are lucky to find one.

Collectible Curad promotional items are hard to find

The Kendall Futero Company makes several type of health care products. In the early years of Curad, the containers were made of tin and the Taped Crusader was the logo printed on the tin. The taped Crusader is an unforgettable character that appears to be Curad’s best customer.

Maybe designers had collectors in mind when they made the promotional figural bank. They paced the coin slot on top of the boys head; however, the coin slot is not visible when looking straight at the figure. Close examination reveals minute finger nails, pinpoint ventilation holes in the Curad bandage on the boy’s fore head, and tiny eyelets with laced strings in the sports shoes. Our Taped Crusader has thick, russet hair, complete with style line. A russet cape attached to the shirt is the same color as the boy’s hair.

The Curad Taped Crusader from 1975 has the special features of the stereotyped “Bully” of a street smart kid, with a protruding chin and thin lips. He wears black knee-length short and a green T-shirt. Green and white shoes match the shirt.

All of the features and clothing on the character bank are painted. In addition to the clothing, the rough and tumble Crusader   had bandages on his left temple, right arm and left leg. Look closely, it appears as though the Taped Crusader needs another Curad bandage below his right eye to cover a triple scratch.  Identifying marks include “CURAD ®” MOLDED ON THE FRONT OF THE SHIRT AND PAINTED BLUE.  In the back of the bank, down near the heel of the shoes, incised in the vinyl, are the marks, “TAPED CRUSADER ®” 1975, Promotional Marketing Corp.”

The 7.5 inch molded vinyl bank in the image of the Taped Crusader was offered on the product packaging in 1975. Initially consumers and collectors could get the logo character bank for only $1.50.

So what has happened in the past 44 years? It is not surprising that the Taped Crusader character bank has become rather scarce.  A few years ago when I searched on the Internet for the vinyl Curad Taped Crusaders in good condition, they were priced anywhere from $44 to $195.  Today I could not find any for sale. Other Curad items that collectors look for are the magazine ads featuring the old Arthur Godfrey advertising for the company.  They sell for $10-$13.  The original tins the products were sold in are also collectible. Price vary considering the condition of the tins.