Q. My late grandmother had a pair of these ceramic dogs on the top of her buffet. It has been in the family forever. As a child I always loved them. Now it is the only one surviving and it is mine. It is in good condition and is 5” high.

What can you tell me about it and the value?

A. You appear to have an English, Staffordshire figurine modeled after Queen Victoria’s King Charles spaniel, “Dash.” The earliest Staffordshire animal figures were barnyard creatures: cats, dogs, lambs and birds. The problem is they have never stopped being reproduced. However, since you didn’t mention the figurine as having any makers’ marks, and being handed down in the family, it is probably an early authentic piece. Staffordshire pieces were unmarked. A collector might pay more than $250 for the piece.

Q. Is there any value for old fishing lures? When I was cleaning out my late uncle’s lake front cottage I found several, along with poles and wicker creels to hold the catches. I have no idea of their age and value. Since I don’t fish, I plan to sell the items. A local fisherman told me this lure is a “Heddon 1600 and could be valuable. What can you tell me of its age and value? D.T. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

A. I went fishing for information on your lure in the several books on the subject. Your photo is a Heddon 1600, surface minnow frog spot. It was made in the 1930s. Fishing gear is a popular collectible. Get an idea for pricing your uncle’s items from a specialist dealer listed on eBay. Your Heddon lure could sell to a

collector for more than $150.

Q. I think this is a doorstop in the form of a flower basket. I found it at a garage sale many years ago, it makes a charming entry to my front door. On the back it says “Hubley.” It is made of iron and the paint is in good condition and is 11 inches tall. I paid $10 for it. What is its history and value?

S.T.- Lake Geneva, Wis.

A. Your cast iron doorstop was originally made around 1900 by the Hubley

Manufacturing Company, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, known for their cast iron toys. Unfortunately they have been reproduced. Your still bright paint job leads me to question its age. If it is an original it could be priced at more than $100.

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