Twinkie the Kid bank from 1990 is made of blue plastic. It is valued at $20.

Twinkie the Kid bank from 1990 is made of blue plastic. It is valued at $20.

Snack cakes were first introduced to the public in 1919 by the Continental Baking Company. The first snack cakes were what we know of as the Hostess Cup Cakes today.

However it was not until 1930 that the Continental Baking Company baking manager, Jimmy Dewar invented Twinkies, a new style snack cake. The legend is Dewar was on his way to a meeting to introduce his new product, without a name, and saw a billboard advertising Twinkle Toes Shoes and the billboard was his inspiration to name his sweet treats “Twinkies.”

In the beginning, Twinkies sold for the unbelievable price of two Twinkies for one nickel. The popularity of Twinkies skyrocketed and remained popular with a reported 500,000,000 Twinkies baked every day.

After several business transactions and name changes, Hostess Brands Inc. became the name of the company that sells Twinkies. Part of the success of the Twinkies sales is contributed to the company advertising program. Twinkies is a product that turned into a trademark by simply adding anthropomorphic features and a few other features. The golden cakes are not exactly an hourglass figure but they do pass for cartoon cowboy. In 1971 an artist to a golden Twinkie body, added stick arms and legs, and abracadabra….Twinkie the Kid was born. The advertisers were not done yet. They made a cowboy out of Twinkie the Kid by giving the character western boots, a Stetson hat a colorful bandana and gloves. Forget the shirt and jeans, I suspect the reasoning was that the public could recognize the original Twinkie body if it were not completely covered with clothing. When the trademark was completed, Twinkie the Kid was printed on every box of Twinkies made.

In 1988 Interstate Brands Inc. distributed a limited edition of plush beanbags made in the image of Twinkie the Kid. The toys were free with a seven dollar purchase in Wonder Bread stores. The beanbag Twinkie the Kid has a plush gold fabric head and body. The facial features are rather large compared to the side of the body. They are embroidered. Tube shaped red arms and blue legs are sewn to the Twinkie shaped body. Brown felt fabric is sewn to the legs and pass for Western boots. Yellow diamonds are painted on the top. Brown gloves ae sewn to the arms, a blue scarf with red hearts and a brown felt hat with a blue hat band. TWINKIE THE KID, is painted on the hat band. The doll id 9-inches tall.

In the 1990s there was an advertising bank available. It’s made of blue plastic and Twinkie the Kid with his lasso is painted on the front. The hat band is marked with TWINKIE THE KID printed on it.

In 2000 FunKo Inc. retailed 7-inch molded Twinkie the Kid Wacky wobblers. They are molded in two pieces with the hat and body in one piece and legs and boots in the other. The body is attached to a spring and moves with the movement of the air around it. This time Twinkie the Kid has a white hat with a blue band. In 2004 there was another promotion in stores where Hostess products were sold. The 4.5 –inch radio aerial topper was free with a purchase of Twinkies cakes.

Twinkie collectibles appear often in Internet auctions. . Some prices I noticed today are 9x11 art prints of Twinkie, available for $19.98; plush 10- inch Twinkie $17.00; golf club covers $19.00. Postage is added to these items.