The Rams Head hood ornament is on the 1983, 150 Dodge Ram truck before retirement.

According to Reeds Brothers Dodge History from 1915 to 2012 the Dodge vehicles had Ram charger Hood ornaments as early as 1932. At that time the ornament was a leaping ram. In 1940 the Ram hood ornaments became more streamlined appearing as a complete stream lined ram. The Ram was eventually cut down to basically a Ram’s head with humongous curling horns.

Lee Iacocca, the CEO of Chrysler, along with his marketing team, revived the old mascot in 1981. It was just in time for the new Ram Dodge trucks. There were three sizes of Ram Dodge trucks, the 150 that could haul a half ton load, a 250 Ram that could haul a quarter of a ton load and the larger Ram 350 that could haul a whole ton. This time the full body Ram was abandoned and only the Rams head with curved horns was used for the hood ornament.

By 1983 we had purchased a Dodge 150 Ram Dodge truck. It was a beautiful burgundy truck with burgundy upholstery, a good radio, air conditioning and the shining chrome Ram head, with the curled horns, hood ornament.

The 150 Ram Dodge truck was my husband’s truck for 38 years. He always kept it in a garage out of the elements. He kept it washed and polished and watched the truck grow old. He could not drive this fall and tried to give it to the family but no one wanted it. They thought it had a strange sound and it shimmied and shook when they drove over 50 miles an hour. The fenders are rusting out at the bottom. The radio did not work anymore. What will be next?

Maybe it was time to part. ..Several Dodge car and truck Ram ornaments were on sale at EBAY this morning. A Dodge 1935 Jumping Ram hood ornament was priced for $340. The chrome Ram heads varied from $149 to $500. A black Ram head was priced for $149. A plastic Ram head Dodge car ornament was priced for less than $50.

We are surprised to find that the Ram’s head hood ornament could be worth more than the whole truck today. When the truck retired, the Rams Head stayed with us and reminds us of wonderful memories and many more stories!