Jolly Green Giant is one of the top ten, most popular advertising icons. It is so popular that there is a Green Giant museum with a large collection of Jolly Green Giant memorabilia. The museum is at 113 South Nicollet, Blue Earth, Minnesota, a short drive from the Jolly Green Giant statue that stands in the corner of the Green Giant Park, 1126 Green Giant Lane.

According to Advertising Dolls Identification and Values Guide, ©1980, by Joleen Ashman and Kay Sellers, the first Jolly Green Giant promotional doll was a green, stuffed cotton, image of the company icon, 16 –inches tall. The cloth dolls have lithographed, leaf print, tunics and hat. The face has two dark green, round dots, about the size of a quarter, for eyes and a smaller round dot for a nose. They have a simple print line suggesting a smile. Anyone could have a doll in exchange for 50 cents and two product labels or $2.50 without labels. The promotion expired June of 1966.

Another Green Giant “rag doll “ came to my attention when a reader of this column sent a photograph of his four-foot , Green Giant doll standing against the garden fence, with his hand around the garden hoe. However the doll appeared to be a handmade version of a Green Giant promotional doll. The body was a pale green fabric. This doll wears a tunic was a separate garment across one shoulder and covering the body down to the thighs. Here is a mystery. Were more of the tall doll made? And if so who made them? If anyone could answer these questions I would be delighted.

Several Jolly Green Giant and Little Sprout dolls have appeared through the years and many other collectibles as well. Collectors search for Green Giant flash lights, cookie jars, jump ropes, the tiny corn holders, Gum ball machines, telephones, table lamps green Giant puzzles with 204 pieces. Smaller items include books, records, kites, green caps, wrist watches, and postcards of the Green Giant in the park.

The Product People, a Minnesota company, no longer in business, picked up on the popularity of the Green Giant promotional dolls and produced 9.5 inch vinyl dolls in the 1970s.This doll was intended for retail markets only. However collectors of the Ad World enjoy adding anything and everything pertaining to the Jolly Green Giant and his side kick Little Sprout.

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