The Campbell Soup Company’s famous Campbell Kids trademark dolls are easy to recognize however the 1984 dolls are also well marked. Molded in the back of the neck and in the middle of the dolls back we find: “1984 CAMPBELL SOUP Co.” The dolls were sold by the Eugene Company Inc. of New York, NY. They had a license to sell the Campbell Kid dolls, with the Campbell Soup Company in the 1980s.

The 7-7.5 inch dolls are a slimmer version of the company logo. They were designed with children in mind. These Campbell Kids are made of vinyl with the body and legs molded in one piece. The arms and head ae jointed for easier dressing.

Everyone knows how tiny socks and shoes can disappear…not this time. The socks and shoes are molded to the feet of the Eugene Campbell Kids. Shoes are painted black on the boy doll and white on the girl doll. Both have white socks.

The hair is not a problem either, as it is molded with the dolls head and painted. The boys have a neat bob with a little curl in the middle of the forehead and the girl has perfect Campbell Kid curls that fall almost to the chin line. Some of the dolls have banana blonde hair and others have carrot orange. A third variation is light brown hair.

The dolls come with several removable and washable garments. One costume incudes a dress with a white skirt and red bodice. Another girl’s costume includes a white print dress with yellow flowers. The dress is trimmed neatly with white lace. We see the boys in either white trousers and a red shirt or blue knickers with a white shirt with blue trimmings. Some of the clothing is also marked with a big “C” on the front. Also printed on the box: “Your Personal Size Campbell Kid COLLECTIBLE DOLL. MADE IN HONG KONG FOR EUGENE DOLL’N NOVELTY CO. INC., NEW YORK, NY 10010. THE CAMPBELL KIDS AND THE RED AND WHITE SOUP LABEL KIDS ARE TRADEMAQRKS OF C.S.C.”

Each Eugene Campbell Kid doll was originally retailed in a 10.25-inch window box. The window is surrounded with the red and white Campbell Soup cans printed on the boxes.

The 1984 dolls are old enough that they are more difficult to find. What we see in the field are dolls in less than mint condition and without the original boxes. The ©1984 dolls on the secondary market range in price from $10 for a used doll without the box or original clothing to $30 -$40 for the mint in the box Campbell Kids. Good luck find these dolls.