I bought this small table at a recent garage sale. The seller said it was very old and probably Japanese or Chinese. It is very unusual and appears to be bamboo. The top is another material. I plan to use it as a lamp table and would like to know something about it such as age, origin and value. I paid $45.

B. T. – Wellington, FL.

From your photo and description you appear to have a late 19th century, English, bamboo-style, side table. The top is rush. This type of furniture was introduced at the Japanese bazaar in the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial. Soon it became fashionable and cabinet makers in England and America began making their own versions. However they used light maple, known as “faux bamboo.” It has never stopped being made. Your side table could have a dealer price of $400 to $500.

This beautiful oval antique platter was treasured by our family for as long as I can remember. They believed it dated to the late 18th century and was exported from China. The colorful eagle and the other border decorations appear to be hand painted. It is 2” high x 16” long and 14” deep. It is very heavy and what appear to be Chinese marks on the bottom. We think it could be worth thousands of dollars.

T.W. – Gary, Indiana

Sorry to disappoint you. From your photo of the marks on the bottom your platter was made by the famous French faker Edme Sansom (1810-1891). Originally his firm made high quality copies of museum pieces for private collectors. The good news is there are collectors of Sansom. At auction your platter could fetch several hundred dollars.

This metal basket was wrapped in a cloth towel on the bottom of my late mother’s clothes closet. I used a bit of silver polish on it that worked. On the bottom it is marked “Pairpoint silver plated.” Before I put it in my next garage sale I would like to know something about it and what price to put on it.

F. G. – Lancaster, PA

You have an antique brides’ basket made in the late 19th century, by the American silver Company. Pairpoint, Bedford, MA., around 1880. Such baskets were also made in sterling silver as luxury bridal gifts. Often they came with colorful glass basket inserts. They lost their popularity after 1905. With a good polish job your basket could sell in a retail setting for $100 or more. Try $70 for a dealer price.

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