If a collector of cookie Jars would like to add a few other Pillsbury Dough Boy pieces now is the time to do it. The cookie jars range from $25- $50.  The small collectibles are $10 -$25. This photo features the 2001 giggling Dough Boy cookie jar, an 11-inch bank in the back and an 8-inch figure. Notice the Pillsbury logo on all hat bands.

Many collectible items of the lovable character

Collecting Pillsbury Doughboy cookie jars appears to be an easy task. The internet auctions are a good place to start however, buyer beware.  For one thing many sellers will offer “vintage” Pillsbury Doughboy cookie jars and the actual date is either not shown or not known. Or they may have a “vintage” cookie jar for sale then mention a date of 1988 or 1997 or even 2003. Vintage?  I don’t think so. Take in consideration the real age and the condition of the cookie jar before deciding to purchase the “vintage” collectible.

There are also fake Pillsbury Doughboy cookie jars. For instance I discovered a “McCoy Pillsbury Dough Boy USA Bobby Baker” cookie jar. The cookie jar had a “McCoy USA” identification mark on the bottom. It is a nice looking cookie jar measuring 10-inches tall but at first glance,I knew it was not the Pillsbury Dough Boy. The chef’s hat is flat like pancake, not the typical Pillsbury hat with the band and a top that stands up soft and puffy.  The “Pillsbury Dough Boy” face on the cookie jar is not like the Pillsbury mascot. It is more of a heart shaped face. The eyes are blue but they are oval. Pillsbury Dough Boy has round eyes. Another obvious difference is the molded collar on the McCoy cookie jar. Pillsbury Doughboy has a little neckerchief tied around the neck and the round blue Pillsbury logo is missing.  However if a person wants to add a Bobby Baker to the Pillsbury collection, be my guest.

On a visit to today typed in “Pillsbury Dough Boy cookie jars” on the subject line. I received 180 possibilities. Guess what? There were page after page of Pillsbury collectibles, dolls, cups, banks, tea pots, napkin holders, sugar bowls etc. I did not take the time to count the cookie jars offered but I did find there are several different cookie jars made of ceramic. Some of the Pillsbury Dough boys were waving the left hand. Some of them had a blue scarf at the neck, others had a white scarf and some had nothing around the neck. Another style had the Pillsbury Dough Boy holding a plate of cookies. The sizes of the cookie jars varied from 10 to 12 inches tall.

My favorite Pillsbury Dough Boy cookie jar is the 12-inch cookie jar with a musical lid. Lift the lid and the Dough Boy giggles.