Paper ephemera and other items from Phillips 66

I remember my first road trip with my family to the Yellowstone National Park. Stopping for gas was a welcome break after sitting in the car for hours. I was not quite a teen ager yet and I went into every gas station we stopped at and collected the free-bee matchbooks.  By the time we were back home in Iowa I had a nice collection of matchbooks from several states.

Beginners and young collectors usually start by looking for paper items like the matchbooks, maps and advertisements. Full page ads are often found on the Internet auctions. They sell for about $10 each.

The Phillips 66 stations were notorious for giving away little prizes with each purchase of gasoline. The colorful advertising pieces have the addresses of the local stations as well as the name of the gas company. The oldest item have the orange and black shield shaped logo. Pens and pencils with the Phillips 66 advertising were also popular free gifts. Other promotional collectibles to look for are the orange plastic key chains in the shape of the shield. They have the station name and address as well as the Phillips 66 logo.  The folding rulers, plastic salt and pepper shakers in the shape of the gas pump, and the glass ash trays are all collectibles today.

Also highly collectible are the Buddy Lee dolls made of composition. They are 12 inches tall and wear the Phillips 66 uniform. The dolls name is Lil Phil. The old dolls are difficult to find. Composition is not nearly as substantial as the modern plastic products.

I suspect collectors that were once gas station attendants or owners, also collect the old uniforms and hats and they look for the Phillips 66 embroidered badges that were sewn onto the brown uniforms.

Serious Phillips 66 collectors are watching for signs, glass globes and the old fashioned gas pumps. They are expensive and valued at hundreds of dollars and beyond. For the resent values on Phillips 66 collectibles search the Internet auctions. Some of the prices I found today are as follows; Buddy Lee, Lil Phil 12-inch doll with the brown suit and hat with the orange shield  $125;  The 48 by 48 inch embossed porcelain Philips Petroleum Company sign $1200 ; And advertising Phillips 66 tin truck coin bank $34.25. Old gas pumps from the 1930s and 1940s sell for a couple thousand dollars.

The Phillips 66 items are still fairly easy to find, especially the more resent small items. So get started. Make a pit stop at your corner antiques mall and fill-up with Philipps 66 collectibles.