McDonaldland dolls put the ‘Happy’ in ‘Happy Meals’

This is the only picture I have of the McDonaldland Happy Meal Girl© 1997 doll with her cup. McDonald’s, McDonaldland, the golden Arches logo, and Ronald McDonald are trademarks of the McDonald’s Corporation and affiliates.

There are many people that collect the tiny toys that were free in the Happy Meals at the McDonald Restaurant through the years. However the McDonaldland Happy Meal Girl is not one of the many prizes tucked in a Happy Meal box, with the small meal that makes all the children happy at the McDonald’s restaurants. McDonalds and Hasbro put their heads together and the Happy Meal Girl dolls were sold in retail stores in 1997.

Here is what to search for on the secondary market. The dolls are 13-inches tall and made of vinyl. They have movable heads, arms, and legs. The hair is rooted synthetic hair. The African American dolls have dark brown hair and the White American dolls have blond hair. The eyes are painted on the face. Markings include 1997 molded in the back of the dolls neck. The original clothing is a summer playsuit trimmed with ruffles and a “Happy Meal Girl” logo.

The Happy Meal Girl dolls were sold in 15 by 8.5 by 4.5-inch gold and red, cardboard boxes with pictures of Ronald McDonald, the Happy Meal Girl, a Happy Meal box and pretend food.

The let’s pretend food included a white plastic container of French fries and a cheese burger with a yellow wrapper. The wrapper features the Golden Arches logo. Other accessories included a soft drink cup and straw, and a toy surprise.

Special instructions tell how to feed the doll. First remove the cheeseburger from the wrapper. Feed the doll with the end of the cheese burger that was in the wrapper. When the end is placed against the dolls mouth, a bite out of the cheeseburger disappears. Insert the cheeseburger into the wrapper and the cheeseburger become whole again.

Before the dolls can have a drink, two AAA alkaline batteries need to be installed in the cup. When the batteries are installed, press the straw against the dolls mouth to make slurping, bubbling, burping sounds. Sounds actually come from the cup not the doll.

Happy Meal Girl dolls are 23 years old and it is difficult to find the dolls in an original box with all the pretend food that goes with it. There were several Happy Meal dolls listed on Internet auctions at the time of this writing. Most were used dolls and incomplete, where accessories were concerned. Prices varied greatly. There was one, new in the box, priced for $87 and postage and handling. Several others on the secondary market ranged from $30 to $50.