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How can you tell if your items are “Sterling Silver” or “Silverplate”?

It’s actually easier than you may think. If your items are marked “Sterling”, “925”, or “925/1000”, your items will be Sterling Silver.

If your items are marked “ESPN” (Electro Plated Nickel Silver), “EP” (Electro Plated), “Plated”, “Silverplate”, or “IS” (International Silver), your items are most likely Silverplated, Even items marked “Quadruple Plate” are still “Silverplated” having nominal scrap silver value.

If your items have no markings, many reputable Jewelers and Gold Stores will test your items at no charge.

WHAT’S IT WORTH? Your Sterling Silver items will be worth at least the scrap silver value, and often many times scrap value, if your items are highly desirable and in unblemished condition. Having nominal “Scrap Silver” value, most Silverplate items also have nominal utilitarian value because so few want to polish silver today.

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