Herky the Hawk made of plush fabric and vinyl by the Ertl Company was sold in 1983.

Lovable mascot an Iowa favorite for decades!

According to the official Athletics Website of the Iowa Hawkeyes; Herky the Hawk has been the symbol of the University of Iowa and its intercollegiate athletic teams for over 70 years. The Hawkeye nickname came to life in 1948 when a cartoon character, later to be named Herky, was hatched. The creator was Richard Spencer III, an instructor of journalism at the University of Iowa. The impish hawk was an immediate hit with everyone and he acquired the name through a statewide contest staged by the University Athletic Department.

There was some controversy, in the past about Herky being “to scary” for the school. The Director of the University of Iowa’s trademark and licensing program reported, “If the University wants to maintain the value of the brand and the logo, keep it unchanged.”

Will Herky the Hawk ever smile? Probably not. He was made to look aggressive, competitive, and ambitious…just like the football players in action. Herky is one of the greatest promoters of the state of Iowa as well as the various University of Iowa sports. He appears were ever the University of Iowa games are and Herky attends other events such as charities, grand openings, and the Iowa State Fair if there is not a pandemic.

The Hawkeyes and Herky have, who knows how many fans, and some of them are very passionate and reveal unusual ways to put their passion on display.  The Iowa Hawk shop has offered young fans, Herky the Hawk costumes for children 4-6, 7-8, and 10-12. The jumpsuit and hood are composed of a black shirt and the trousers are yellow and the hood has Herky features.

Collectors of the Ad World like to add Herky to collections.  erky in their collections.

 New collectibles are all around us. I stopped at the Old Mill for gas on highway 20, in Grundy County. There was Herky in the form of a totem pole about 10 inch tall. Collectors can look for plush dolls in the Herky image, and action figures.

I have the Herky doll, distributed in 1983. It has a vinyl head, vinyl hands and shoes. The rest of the body is black and yellow plush fabric. With one hand raised in the air, Herky appears to be yelling at the top of his lungs, “Come on Hawkeye…Lets win!!  The 10-inch doll was made by the Ertl Company in Iowa. Look for the older collectibles on the Internet auctions.