Many choices from which to choose

So you have a friend or family member who’s expecting or has just had a baby! Chances are they aren’t interested in antiques if they even know anything about them. “Vintage” and “Mid-century Modern “are what they search for. There are many inexpensive gift possibilities.

Proof that everything old is new again is the many vintage reproductions being sold. How about a plastic reproduction of an Alexander Calder hanging over babies’ crib? There are even alternatives to the traditional and expensive sterling silver baby cup.

However traditions do linger, though the look may be slightly different. The whole idea is that the gift can be handed down in the family. One example is the silver baby cup with babies’ name and date of birth.

Historically the usual baby gift was a sterling silver, silver-plate or pewter cup with the baby’s name and birth date engraved.

Helping parents-to-be furnish a layette or baby’s nursery is also a time-honored affair with a baby shower. Of course what baby gets usually depends on family and friends’ budget. These days vintage, handmade baby clothes. Silver or other metal cups without engraving and colorful nursery prints are possibilities. Mid-century modern baby buggies can be bargains as well as used cribs or playpens.

CLUES: There are hundreds of baby cups in glass and china, often with charming transfer prints, rhymes and the alphabet. Or, characters from Disney or children’s TV shows.

Another possibility are vintage baby spoons. Those with figural handles may have a dog or cat head. Others have elaborate designs in the spoon bowls. They can be sterling or silver plate.

Rattles have been a time-honored way to entertain babies. The figural Rattles, often with whistles and bells were usually of silver. If you want to spend big-time on a silver mid-century modern rattle the cost could be $100 or more. Modestly priced are plastic or cloth rattles.

Every newborn baby is special and deserves the royal treatment.

Do you have an antique item and need more information?

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