When adding oil to a wood cutting board or wood bowl be sure to use a butcher block oil or mineral oil as they will not go rancid. The oil also needs to be safe for food use.

I have a fern stand that the shelf has broken out of and need it repaired. I cannot do this myself as the corners of the shelf are broken. Would you be willing to do this repair?

From your description I should be able to do the repairs necessary so you will be able to use your fern stand.

When the corners are broken out there are options. One would be to replace the shelf or repair the corners. In your case repairing the corners would be good as the self already has finish on it and a new shelf would need finish to match the existing finish of the fern stand. The repair would involve cutting the corners half way through to allow a place for wood to be glued where the wood was broken out. When there is new wood screw holes can be drilled for adding the screws to hold the shelf and leg together. Touch up finish will bring the repaired areas to the existing color and you should be back to using your fern stand.

I have a bed that has been modified from a rope bed to a bed with a steel frame for a mattress. The frame was loose and the bed was wobbling and after use one of the head board cross pieces broke at the post. The head board, foot board and steel frame are all loose and in need of tightening up. I want to use this bed. Is it possible for this to happen?

Basically you need gluing of the head board and foot board and the repair of the cross piece. The frame is a matter of tightening the bolts holding the frame together and making sure the frame is square. With these repairs you should be able to once again use the bed.

I have a Hoosier cabinet and the end panels are splitting apart. How do I make this repair?

The procedure you will use is to disassemble the end sections, remove the old panels and then replace the panels with a veneered plywood panel with the appropriate wood veneer to match the existing wood of the cabinet. While the cabinet is being repaired check all of the other joints as you re-assemble the end panels. The rest of the cabinet frame will more than likely have a few joints that need attention. Finish the panels the same color as the rest of the cabinet.

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