Collectors of Easter Greeting postcards can find a varied number of subjects on these delightful cards. I do not collect Easter postcards, per se, but if the card just happens to have an elf, dwarf, or gnome – to name a few of the wee folk spoken of in fairy tales and folklore around the world – I just have to have it. This “Collection Infection” has been with me for over five decades. You know what I mean – “Once a collector, always a collector.”

I will stick to wee folk on Easter Postcards in this article for simplicity’s sake. As far as holiday cards go, I would venture to say that Easter ranks third in the wee folk topic with New Year’s cards first and Christmas holding a strong second. For me, if there is a little person on the card, I like it.

One can find wee folk on just about any type of postcard from holidays, to advertising, to views (domestic of foreign), to roadside. I have in my collection these types of cards from the 1890’s onward.

An artist’s style, of course, is unique as the cap on his head, the nose on his face, or his style of footwear. All these are representations of the artist’s individuality and imagination. I feel that each image on a card is unique as a snowflake.

I would like to show you some examples of some wee folk Easter postcards and little information about t each one known.

Image #1 is a Czech Easter greeting card. This card shows a young lady chatting with a little person about what to do with the beautifully decorated eggs on the ground. The reverse of the card has a greeting “Vesse Velikonoce!” or “Happy Easter.” Circa 1928 and a value of $8-$15.

Image #2 shows an Easter celebration with the rabbits enjoying themselves fighting over a basket of Easter Eggs while a pair of wee folks enjoy looking on the activity below. This American card show a truly beautiful image and is worth in the range of #10-$20.

Who knows what the little man is saying to the chick with the baskets of eggs but I would be willing to guess it might be “Vroljk Pass – Feest” or “Happy Easter” in Dutch A great image on #3 by Fritz Baumgarten with a value of $15-$25. Circa 1939.

“Glad Pask” is “Happy Easter” in Swedish and is the greeting from three wee folk, one of which is carrying an “egg flower.” The card (image #4) is from the 1920s to the 1930s and the value is $15-$20.

An intelligent looking wee one and an Easter rabbit discussing who knows what about a basket of eggs is the image of card #5. The card is sending sincere Easter wishes and is from about 1910 to 1920. Value $10-$20.

A German Easter greeting is on the image of card #6 with the salutations “Froliche Ostern!” or “Happy Easter.” The wee folk in the image are creating a chocolate Easter rabbit for some lucky recipient. This card was mailed on March 13, 1906 and its value is $15-$25.

Image #7 shows a schoolmaster instructing his class of rabbit children one of which has been naughty. It is a “Happy Easter” or Frohes Osterfest” and is either Austrian or Swiss. The artist is J.L. and is unknown to me. The value is $15-$25.

The Easter greeting, image #8, is a French or Flemish card which has the salutation “Joyeuses Paques” or “Happy Easter” and show a lady rabbit greeting a little man sitting by the path side. The card was mailed from Brussels, Belgium in 1933 and has a value or $8-$15.

The cards of the little people – die heinzelmannchen (German) are delightful and a joy to collect. I hope you have enjoyed viewing these cards as much as I have enjoyed collecting them.