I have a dining table that at one time had been worked on to take care of a split in the top. The top is solid wood. At that time the top was cut along a crack and glued together. After many years the glue joint failed and a crack about 2/3rds of the way across the top is showing. I do not have the skill to repair something like this so I do need professional help with this issue. Can the damaged be repaired?

The type of damage you described can be repaired. The repair will involve cleaning the old glue out of the crack if there is any and then pulling the top back in place. If this allows the top to be flat then it can be glued. Because this has happened previously additional support needs to be added to make sure there is no movement when the humidity levels change in the home. The additional support would need to be a 1/4th inch steel plate to be placed on the underside of the table top approximately eight inches wide and as long as the crack  . The plate cannot cover the complete crack as the table base covers some of the crack. If there is a plate on each side of the base this should be enough to hold the wood in position. Since the top is a solid wood the complete top needs to move together if it moves at all.  The two sides of the top will need to be pulled together and the plate attached using screws on one side of the crack. Make sure the fit is good and then add screws to the other side of the crack. Before removing the clamps add glue to the crack using C/A glue (thin viscosity) to the underside of the crack. The glue will siphon in the crack. Use the glue sparingly as it may want to siphon through to the top side of the joint.  Wipe off excess glue. Let the glue set. Remove the clamps. At this point some finish touch up may need to be done on the top surface finish to complete the repair so your table top will look as good as new.  

Another approach to repairing this type of damage is to cut the top and re-glue the top. This is more involved as the base needs to be removed and the top needs to be cut. If the top is cut the size of the top changes slightly so additional material needs to be added. More than likely the top will need to be refinished as well thus causing more work to get the repair completed. There is more than one approach to do repairs but the amount of work involved most times will lead you to the best approach.

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