Wonderful antique adventures await in 2019!

Today’s publication date –Dec. 11 –means there is just two weeks until Christmas. I haven’t finished decorating my house for the upcoming holidays. And I haven’t done any shopping to speak of either. Not to mention baking and cooking and wrapping; or sending out Christmas greetings. So for the next two weeks I plan to be very busy performing all the aforementioned tasks before the big day arrives.

In addition to all those chores, I have to watch a group of Christmas-themed films to help me with my “Christmas Spirit.” Some of these include, “Heidi,” with Shirley Temple; “A Christmas Carol;” “Home Alone,” and a few others. Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve watched a few Christmas specials as well as a few Hallmark films focused on Christmas.

Each year it seems the times flies by at a quickening pace. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I wrote last year’s column marking the end of the year. As this is our final Collectors Journal issue for 2018, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our writers and contributors that make each issue so interesting and informative. Harry Rinker, Mary Jane Lamphier, Anne Gilbert, Jeff Figler, Roy Nuhn, Mark Roeder, Rosemary McKittrick, Ron Stookey, John Stinger, Donald Brian Johnson, Sara Jordan-Heintz and Dr. Lori Verderame have provided our readers with many articles throughout the past year that entertain and increase our knowledge about a host of antiques and vintage pieces.

We also had an interesting year with our special features including “What the Heck is this?,” “You collect What?,” as well as our continuing Auction Action coverage and special events and sales. We are always interested in solving mysteries for our readers and I think there are a few items that are waiting for some intel.

As Collectors Journal embarks on its 41st year bringing our readers the antique news from around the country, I’m pleased to pass on some upcoming sales and auctions taking place just in time for the holiday shopping season. And if you know someone who has a special collection, keep that in mind when choosing that special gift.

Stenzel Auction Service, Inc., has an auction coming up on December 16, 2018 at 10 a.m. at Collectors Hall, 135 W. Center Street in Cambridge, Illinois. Three rings of auctioning are planned with a host of sporting equipment including guns, ammo, jewelry; purses and vintage ladies items. A variety of new tools will also be sold. More information and pictures can be found at www.StenzelAuction.com; or via telephone at (309) 937-1444; (309) 944-3808.

Those who may be looking for some “man cave” items for Christmas won’t want to miss a large two-day sign and advertising auction by Girard Auction & Land Brokers, Inc. on December 14 and December 15 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. More than 700 catalogued lots of great signs, advertising items, gas pumps, gas globes, juke boxes, soda machines and antiques are scheduled to be sold. Live Internet bidding is available at www.GirardBid.com. More information about this auction is available at www.GirardAuction.com; or via telephone at (605) 267-2421.

Heritage Auctions has a couple of upcoming coin auctions on December 13 and December 14. Online bidding is accepted through Heritage Auctions. More information about these auctions is at https://ha.com.

And for those who love antiques (and who doesn’t?) don’t forget about our special offer of $34 for a 12-month gift subscription to Collectors Journal. This offer expires on December 24, so get your slips in ASAP!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Our first issue of 2019 will be January 8 and we’ll be kicking off the New Year with plenty of interesting articles, advice on antiques and the latest information on upcoming auctions and sales. Please contact us with information about clubs and conventions; Auction Action news; mystery items and any additional antiques-related information at editor@collectorsjournal.com or at meego929@aol.com. We can be reached via telephone at (319) 472-4763.