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Several iconic films from 1939 mark 80th anniversary

There’s an impressive list of films that were released by Hollywood in 1939. Just a few include: “The Wizard of Oz;” “Wuthering Heights;” “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington;” “The Women;” “Stagecoach;” “Ninotchka;” and the king of them all – “Gone with the Wind.”

There are several theories and explanations of why that year was so important as well as why so many memorable films were released that year. Film historians have called 1939 the “Greatest year in the history of Hollywood.” And with the list of released films in that year, they’re not wrong.

Many of the films released in 1939 have gone on to become classics, none more so than “Gone with the Wind.” The wildly popular book was released in 1936 and almost immediately David O. Selznick garnered the rights to film the stories of Scarlett, Rhett Butler, Ashley Wilkes and the rest of the huge cast. In today’s dollars, GWTW is listed as the highest grossing film of all times.

Well for those fans of the film, there is an important part of it that’s coming to auction. It’s the threshold and door from Tara, the O’Hara home of Scarlett and her family. According to information found on the Internet, at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, radio blog, the pieces of the door and threshold have been languishing in a building for two decades. The building is located next to the house where Margaret Mitchell wrote the book! The following is from AJC.

“The door and casement of the Tara plantation, which has been loaned to the Margaret Mitchell House property for the past two decades, is going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder next month by Los Angeles auction house Profiles in History.

The Talmadge family owns the door.  Betty Talmadge, wife of the late Sen. and Gov. Herman Talmadge, purchased the door for $5,000 in 1979 and spent $8,000 to restore it in 1989. She died in 2005.

The starting bid for the door will be $40,000 in an online auction, said Brian Chanes, head of client and consignor relations for Profiles in History and an employee since 1991. A separate lot of set pieces from the movie such as windows, shutters, doors, porch posts and railings will also be put up for auction at a likely starting bid of $15,000, Chanes said. They could use some restoration, he noted.”

An interesting piece of information for trivia fans is that the only principal actor still alive from that film is Olivia de Havilland, who played Melanie Wilkes. She will be 103 years old on July 1 of this year! I had the honor of meeting Miss de Havilland in 1976. She was having dinner at Win Schuler’s restaurant in Jackson, Michigan and walked around the restaurant looking at the many paintings that decorated the wall. Only in my 20s at the time, I was awestruck and only mustered the courage to say, “Hello.” She answered and was very gracious and pleasant.

If it had ever been Clark Gable, I would have gone into a dead faint, but unfortunately he passed away in 1960 when I was just a young child.

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