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What is an All Access membership?

All Access members receive unlimited access to our website, e-edition and our exclusive Subscriber Savings program. In order to become an All Access member you must have a current print subscription.

If you're a current print subscriber, you can opt-in to All Access at anytime. You'll need the phone number associated with your print subscription to begin.


I'm already a print subscriber. Can I get access to everything online?

Yes, as soon as you opt-in to All Access. Once you opt-in, you will have unlimited access to all of our great digital content on our many platforms with no restrictions.

In addition to home delivery, your news will be updated throughout the day and available digitally on your computer, smartphone and tablet. This includes unlimited access to stories, photos and more. You'll also receive access to our exclusive Subscriber Savings program at no additional charge.


What if I choose not to subscribe to anything?

If you're not an All Access or Digital Only subscriber, access to certain stories and information will be limited. This is called a "meter", which gives everyone free basic access to our website.

For some people, that's all they need. But if you want to view more articles, you'll need to purchase a day pass or subscription.

If you're close to using up your free views, the site will warn you in advance. If you use all free views, the site will automatically provide subscription options, making it easy to sign up.


Why should I pay for online access?

The information published on our websites is a valuable product. Much of the news on our site comes exclusively from our newsroom. That means a lot of the news posted here can't be found anywhere else.

By giving you the opportunity to purchase unlimited access to our exclusive information, we'll be able to continue to maintain and improve the quality of this coverage and information. Becoming an All Access member remains the best option to receive unlimited access that you want, when and where you want it.


What can I get online that I can't get in the printed edition?

  • Photo galleries
  • Videos
  • Easily searched archives of past articles and entire editions
  • Newsletters and alerts that can be emailed or sent to your phone so you never miss a thing
  • Expanded calendar of events
  • and more


Can I get access to the printed edition electronically?

Yes. We publish an e-edition that is an exact replica of the printed product available for viewing on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. This is included in the Digital Only subscription and All Access membership.


Why don't you offer a basic website for free?

That's actually quite similar to what we're doing. You can view a certain number of any stories on the website for free each month.

You'll be asked to pay if it turns out that you're a frequent or heavy user of the site. Collecting, producing and delivering exclusive information around the clock, seven days a week, costs money no matter whether it's published and delivered in print, or every few minutes online. We think it's fair to ask people who rely heavily on our information to support the effort by paying a modest subscription fee, regardless of whether they get the information from our paper, website, or mobile products.


If you're going to charge for access, why don't you turn off the advertising?

As more advertisers shift from print to online, they expect us to continue to help them reach local residents with their offers, deals and other messages. We'll recognize these shifts from print to online advertising by maintaining and possibly even expanding advertising options that will be more relevant and connected to your interests.

In this fast-changing business, modest digital subscriptions and advertising work together to cover the cost of collecting local news and information, and to produce numerous products around the clock.


Can I share my Digital Only subscription with members of my family?

Yes! Digital access isn't limited to just you. A print subscriber can share a login with others in your household, just like you share the print edition with family or friends.

For example, if there are three people in your family, you all can share one account. The overall limit is five computers or devices. Please keep in mind, everyone who has access to a shared account also has the same access to account information and privileges.