By Robert Dissinger

Another topic of postcards that I collect is Chinese lanterns. These cards are a little more difficult to find, by that I mean it takes a lot more hunting to find them, but to me that is the thrill of the hunt.

I haven’t been collecting these as long as elf cards, but they are just lovely and enjoyable. If you attend postcard shows, you could ask dealers that you either know or are familiar with, to put back or save cards that you are interested in. Once done, you should again contact that dealer and see what they have for you.

Nothing frustrates a dealer more than someone not returning for the items the dealer has searched for and saved for you.

I have pulled six cards from my lantern collection to show readers what might be available. They are some very lovely cards and can be found under a number of topics and also at a variety of prices.

The six cards I have selected are as follows: #1 and #2 are New Year’s; #3 is a very interesting card showing the styles and colors of lanterns; #4 is a Christmas-themed postcard; #5 is an artist-signed card (S. Colombo) and #6 is a general greeting postcard.

It is my hope that these cards stimulate some interest. Variety in cards is the “spice” and not one collector can collect all the various categories of postcards – or everything! If so, there would be no fun in collecting. Get to know other collectors and possibly show what you collect, and maybe even do some trading.

Happy collecting.