Umbrellas or parasols. They have been around for millennia, being used for protection from the rain (umbrellas) and for protection from the sun (parasols).

The materials from which they are made can vary quite considerably. The canopy of either can be made of fabric, paper or other materials deemed appropriate by the maker.

The canopy of the umbrella should be waterproof and the canopy of the parasol should be dense enough to block the sun. The ribs supporting the canopy are usually made of wood, metal or plastic.

The supporting pole can be made of the same material as the ribs. The handle is a horse of another color and can be made from almost any material in any shape and attached to the pole.

They have been called by different names in different countries. In the United Kingdom, it is called a “Brolly.” The French call it a “Parapluie.” The British also call it a “Rainshade” or “Gamp.” In the United States an umbrella or parasol are rarely used in slang terms, but some call them a “Bumpershoot.” There are hand-held, portable, collapsible, non-collapsible, and varying other used including at picnics, on the beach, at the lake, and last but not least, just about anywhere you can think of to use one.

The first card from my personal collection is a French photo of an umbrella shop (Paris possibly) that I recently acquired from a good friend and the only one I have ever seen. Card #1 is two children seeking shelter from you know what...Card #2!

She won’t get burnt! Card #3- An unusual card from Turkey Card #4. Card #5 is totally adorable and they are completely comfortable. Card #6 is an advertising card which I really love.

The next Card #7 is artist signed and hails from Sweden. The parasol should be held up. Card #8, unless the ladies are unsuited and if that’s the case they should have an umbrella.

I hope you have had a sunny summer and it doesn’t rain too much! Happy Hunting.