Another variety of Thanksgiving Postcards is Patriotic and although I don’t know many collectors of these uncommon and beautiful cards...there should or might be. I have no idea of the ratio between regular and Patriotic Thanksgiving Day cards. It is a known fact that regular Thanksgiving Day cards outnumber the Patriotic ones by a substantial quantity. I do not know if printing records from publishers, whether major or minor are available or even exist.

These Patriotic cards were published by large and small postcard companies. Of course, quantities are not known or readily available, but that would be excellent if they could be found. Patriotic symbols appearing on the cards are Patriotic ribbons, flags, banners, emblems, Uncle Sam, stars and stripes, hats, etc.

Turkeys are pictured on the majority of these cards. Children also appear on some cards. These cards can be located rather easily. Many dealers will have a category for them under Thanksgiving, Patriotism, Patriotic Holidays, Turkeys, Children and possibly others. Prices vary between dealers and cards can be found in mixed boxes and under dealers’ topical categories. When your search is successful, you will be quite Happy... I guarantee it.

Now let us look at some of these cards I have pulled from my stock. The cards are as follows: Card #1-A turkey atop a carving knife in front of a Patriotic emblem. Not posted. No publisher. Card #2-A turkey looking like Uncle Sam. Publisher logo-a small A within a larger A and both within a circle, (maybe someone will recognize this logo). Not posted. Card #3-Uncle Sam holding a turkey with Patriotic ribbon, hat, and bow tie. Publisher-S.B. – Not ID’d. Card Numbered 259. Posted at Madison, PA on Nov. 28, 1907. Card #4-A turkey with a boy and girl in tow with ribbon at top and bottom. Not posted. Publisher-same as Card #3. Card Series 259. Card #5-A turkey holding a basket of harvest goods with Patriotic banners atop. Posted at the Nicetown Station in Philadelphia, PA. on Nov. 25, 1908. Publisher could be International Publishing. Card Series 303G. Card #6-A turkey surrounded by harvest fruits, a pumpkin and a Patriotic emblem. Posted at Pawling, NY on Nov. 21, 1910. Publisher could be international. No card number. Card #7-A boy driving two turkeys pulling a cart filled with harvest goods and a flag. Not posted. Publisher-A. Sala-Berlin. Card is numbered 282. Card #8-A turkey in front of an emblem and surrounded by harvest produce. Posted in Bloomdale, Ohio on Nov. 17, 1909. Publisher-Gottschalk, Dreyfuss & Co. London. Card numbered 2000. Card #9-A turkey in front of harvest goods all on a flag background. Posted at Brookline, NH on Nov. 21, 1910. Publisher same as card #8, this card is numbered 2140. Card #10-A boy holding a flag standing with an axe beside a big turkey. Not posted. No publisher, but card is numbered 875/12. Card # 11-A turkey in front of Patriotic flag and banner. Not posted. No publisher. Card #12-A turkey with a bunch of flags (7 to be exact) with a border of stars. Not posted. Publisher -A&S- not identified.

These cards are a real joy to me. I know you enjoyed them. So keep looking for the cards you collect and enjoy, until next time---Happy Hunting, God Bless and be safe.