By Bob Dissinger

Sprinkling or watering cans was kind of an unusual topic for me. I had a customer that had collected them for a while and then he stopped. So I kept what I had left and added to them. They were quite interesting and varied in style and content and were fairly easy to find. Prices were fairly reasonable too.

Watering can postcards can be found in many categories and under many topics at shows. Prices are usually pretty reasonable, but if you can find one by a good artist or a top publisher like Raphael Tuck, illustrated, or a lovely chromolithographed card, the price may be more.

You can sometimes find postcards featuring children, adults, animals and the majority of these cards will feature sprinkling or watering. It is nice when you can find a real photo postcard with a person watering flowers or plants.

The following cards are shown here for your ocular enjoyment.

Card #1 was posted in Herenthout, Belgium, but probably printed in Germany. Card #2 is a Stecher and made in the U.S.

The #3 card is a Bamforth printed in the United Kingdom and the artist is Taylor. Card #4 is showing a cat busy at watering and is a card from Switzerland.

Card #5 is a lovely card printed in Germany.

Card #6 is a Bonzo by George Studdy and printed in Great Britain. Interesting cards that I hope you’ve enjoyed as much as I have finding them.

Happy hunting, Bob.