Plenty of upcoming summer shows!

I wasn’t expecting a few days in the country, but at the last minute, last week, my daughter, Megan booked a cottage near Lake Michigan in the southwestern part of Michigan and I spent a relaxing few days in the country. New studies (which I heard on the radio in Michigan) are touting the health benefits of getting involved in nature and I enjoyed the quiet as well as the fresh air away from the cities and suburbs. I also enjoyed seeing quite a bit of wildlife including wild turkeys, deer, chipmunks and a baby bunny that came out several times a day behind our cottage. The first day as I walked around the grounds of the large resort, I nearly stepped on the bunny, but luckily I always look down when walking in the country as one never knows what’s around. After looking at each other for a while, it scampered back in the large group of lilies and other flowers, which is a great spot for bunnies to make their nests. And while driving around the country roads, two deer ran out in front of me on two separate occasions. Luckily again, I wasn’t traveling too fast and was able to see them up close –both were does and I was afraid that maybe a fawn would be following after Mom, but they were both alone.

Meanwhile back to some paper shows and sales, there are several outstanding events in the coming few weeks and months.

From now until July 13, the Brimfield Paper and Postcard Marathon takes place at the Postcard & Ephemera Center, Brimfield Acres North Field on Rte. 20, 74 Palmer Road in Brimfield, Massachusetts. Hours, admission and more information is at or at (203) 592-0192.

Grayslake is the place to be for Chicagoland’s 10th Annual Postcard & Paper Show and sale to be held July 13 and 14 at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, Illinois. More information about this show is at or at (715) 526-9769.

The Denver Postcard and Paper Ephemera Show takes place at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds at 15200 West 6th Avenue in Golden, Colorado. Bill or Carol Mobley have more information at (303) 761-3755 or via e-mail at

And for those who may own some quality collectible books you are interested in selling, Swann Galleries is looking for consigners for a fall auction. Here’s some information I received via e-mail: “As our spring season winds down, we're already planning for fall auctions. Don't miss the July 15 deadline to submit quality material for consideration in our October sale of Fine Books & Manuscripts, which will feature autographs, literature, fine illustrated books and graphics. Visit the web site at for more information on consigning books and manuscripts.”

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth of July! Have a pleasant couple of weeks checking out the wonderful shows advertised in Barr’s Postcard News and Ephemera. Please contact us with unusual collections; club and convention news; and other postcard and paper-related matters at;; or via telephone at (319) 472-4763.