As readers of this publication know well there are thousands upon thousands of topics on postcards. I have collected some postcards of that wonderful fruit we call the orange.

Oranges are a member of the genus known as citrus along with grapefruits, lemons, and limes.  Citrus fruits have a long history.  The first of the genus citrus started in the northern foothills of the Himalayan Mountains during the Miocene epoch.  Later on in time citrus fruits grew in Taiwan, Japan and Australis.  Citrus fruits have been cultivated by humans since ancient times.  Between 3500 and 3000 BCE Citrus fruits came to Micronesia and Polynesia.  They eventually spread to the Middle East and eventually to Europe.  Arab traders brought the fruit to the Middle East and Genoese and Portuguese traders brought the fruit to Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries A.D.  

Citrus plants are liable to get infected by aphids, whitefly and scale insects so growers must take care to avoid such pests.

Citrus fruits have medical benefits.  There is the famous proverb "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" but oranges also have properties which can have positive health benefits.  Oranges promote clear and healthy skin and lower the risk of many diseases as part of a varied and healthy diet.  Orange trees the most commonly grown citrus fruit trees.  Oranges contain Vitamin C which is an antioxidant and cancer fighter.  The high fructose in oranges prevents colorectal cancer. One can overdo it!  Too much intake of oranges may lead to a higher rate of skin cancer!

Prior to 1920 oranges were considered to be a dessert fruit for the most part.  In the United States the drinking of orange juice has greatly increase the per capita intake of oranges. Marmalade is another popular product made from oranges.  Sour oranges known as Seville oranges are utilized in making marmalade.  Stoke feed is made from the waste left from processing oranges.

The potassium in oranges greatly contributes to heart health. Potassium also is associated with a reduced loss of muscle mass, and prevention of strokes and a reduction of the formation of kidney stones.

Oranges can be cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical climates.  In the USA Florida and California are the big suppliers of oranges and Jaffa oranges from Israel are often found on U.S. shelves.  

I have collected four postcards with images of oranges on them.  Cards #1 and card ##2 are "linen" cards.  Card #1 offers a striking image of the only fruit in the world which has the blossoms of a tree and fruit at the same time.  Card #2 shows men at work with ladders helping to pick the fruit.  

Cards # 3 and #4 are "white border" cards produced by the Curt Teach Company.  Card #3 shows a box of oranges which says here is "The Boxes of Oranges I promised you from Florida". What a nice gift! Card #4 shows an orange juice field and the extensive irrigation it takes to keep the grove healthy

Postcards can lead to further study in many fields.  The study of oranges and their health benefits will assuredly keep growing in the future. Drink a toast with orange juice at breakfast to a happy and healthy day!  As always - Happy hunting!