Collectible artist created memorable postcard art

Samuel L Schmucker is highly collected. His beautiful women, outstanding Halloween, and fantastic Valentines are great examples of his work. Their have been many fantastic original art pieces found, some of which are postcards and others that are not. Schmucker worked primarily for John Winsch publishing. However, he did work for Raphael Tuck and Whitney but later when the printing was influenced by the lack of proper inks during the war. While these are not as attractive as the Winsch, they are much harder to find.

Many of the postcard artist did work for magazines, trade cards, books, valentines, bridge tallies, calendars and paper fans. Postcard collectors tend to ignore the other ephemera, but this is a mistake. I have some small children's books with postcards images that identify the artist name where the postcards do not. I have Schmucker Halloween bridge tallies that have the same outstanding images as the John Winsch postcards but at a fraction of the cost. I have several Schmucker paper fans, which I have found all the matching postcards. The postcard images that match come both as full size images and as printed on silk hearts which are applied to the postcards. I have both. These are great challenges, not to find the postcards but to find the other type of ephemera, then the postcards. Give it a try.

Schmucker died after a short life of just 42 years. He is buried in the Charles Evans Cemetery, 1119 Centre Avenue, Reading, Pennsylvania. It is an outstanding cemetery and an easy trip from the York, Pennsylvania, postcard show in the fall. Many generations of the Schmucker family are buried there. Stop by and pay your respects to a great postcard artist.