IFPD member shares his thoughts on postcards and ephemera

As is often the case with most postcard and ephemera dealers, Jere Greider of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, began as a collector back in the 1970s.

In a recent telephone conversation, Jere said his foray into postcards and collectibles goes back almost 40 years. “I started as a collector of Coca-Cola memorabilia,” he said. “Sometime later, I found a postcard with Coke on it and that sparked an interest.” Jere then began collecting postcards with Coca-Cola products displayed somewhere on the card. He also described postcards that feature bar interiors with Coca-Cola products prominently shown in the art or picture. One of Jere’s favorite postcards in a real photo postcard from the early 1900s featuring a group of men all holding Coca-Cola fans. “That postcard was in a box with other cards,” he said. “I just found it interesting.”

“From the Coca-Cola postcards, I then began collecting local cards from (Pennsylvania) where I live,” he said.

In the beginning, 1979, Jere was a general merchandise/flea market vendor with antiques and collectibles along with postcards. But when he retired from his regular job at UPS in 2000, Jere made the decision to focus only on postcards and his business has grown since that time. “My inventory probably includes approximately 25,000 postcards,” he said. His cards cover a wide variety of themes with topics and views and real photo postcards. “I really like real photo postcards – especially occupational real photo cards.” Jere offered examples such as a carpenter working with wood; a painter painting a house; and a butcher preparing meat for the market.

“I have all kinds of topics, and it sometimes seems as if everyone is looking for something different.”

Jere, a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, sells postcards on eBay and also attends about 12 postcard and ephemera shows in a year. “Sometimes there’s two or three shows in the same month, which keeps me busy.”

He is also a charter member of Lancaster County Postcard Club as well as serving as the chairman of the Lancaster Postcard show for the last 20 years. “The Lancaster show is always held the third week of August,” Jere said. “This year’s one-day show is August 18, 2018.”

Jere is also a member of the International Federation of Postcard Dealers, having joined the organization about 12 to 15 years ago. “It’s a great organization,” he said. “I only wish more dealers would join.” Jere said belonging to IFPD gives a credibility to dealers. “Being a member means customers will be treated in an ethical manner –the dealers in the organization have a good reputation.” He also credits his membership in IFPD with receiving requests for postcards. “I have collectors who send “wants” to me,” he said, explaining they are looking for a particular type of postcard. “It (membership in IFPD) generates some business for me.

For more information about Postcards by JereG, Jere Greider’s business or to inquire about postcards, reach him at (717) 413-6882 or e-mail him at JereG@earthlink.net. His eBay business is also accessible through his seller name, JereG.