I received the following via e-mail regarding an article from William Pepe that was featured in the last issue of Barr’s. Thanks to Audrey Madans for taking the time to drop us a letter and thanks to William Pepe for writing the article about the Boston area. ~~Kimberley Mathisen, Editor

“Great article about Boston in the March 11th issue.  Would like to add a small addition regarding the Bunker Hill Monument.  (I was) Born not far from the site, in Malden, Mass.  I would see the monument very often. Especially when on the Elevated Train going into Boston proper.  When the “El” passed the street leading up to it you could get a great few of its full grandeur.  

Later, visiting it many times I discovered it was not really on Bunker Hill, but on Breeds Hill. Please thank William Pepe for a great article. And for me personally for some wonderful memories of Boston.

Audrey Madans

Charlotte, N.C.