Prospect Park is a gathering place for Brooklynites

Filmmaker, Woody Allen said something to the effect that people in Brooklyn are very unhappy.  I live in Manhattan's Lower East Side now but believe me - people in Brooklyn are not always unhappy.  Among other things they have Prospect Park.

The park is a great place to escape the hurried city life.  Near where I live on the Lower East Side there is a small park - Corlears Park.  Good place to go if you want to commune with Mother Nature!  Plenty of poets have dealt with the majesty of trees in their odes.  Prospect Park has 585 acres for recreation.  It is across the street from Brooklyn's lovely Botanical Gardens.

I was a camp counselor as a child and remember summer romances - including one in Prospect Park.  At 63 romance is a little harder to come by than at 16.  But after a walk in the park near my apartment on the fabled LES I think I will be inspired to write some poetry - maybe about trees or even love poems!

Prospect Park was designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux.  They also designed Central Park - the site of many rock and roll concerts years ago.  I used to attend them and they were quite loud - but fun!  I believe that parks do not need concerts to be enjoyable.  They are great to visit even when there is no music.  Prospect Park has picnic tables and softball fields.  So if you and friends or family want to eat out of doors you can head to this Brooklyn oasis.

The architects Olmstead and Vaux believed that the natural world seldom displays itself in the ideal fashion for human recreation and use.  They thought that it must be tamed to offer a harmonious and sublime outlook.  So they worked up a plans to design their parks.  

Card #1 offers a nice scene of a lake in the park.  A boat is cutting through the waters as trees tower overhead.  Personally I have never travelled on a boat in that park - although I have in New York's Central Park.  Card #2 is an image of a rustic bridge in the Glens of Prospect Park. Two men are standing on the bridge looking over the water. The scene looks quite tranquil.  Card #3 is a sepia - toned card with writing on the face of the card.  It has an image of the park entrance with a mélange of trees and statues.  It was produced by the renowned Tuck postcard company. Card # 4 shows the Ocean Parkway entrance to the park.  Model T Fords dot the landscape. Card #5 is another Tuck production.  It offers a view of the Soldiers Monument in Prospect Park.  It is sepia toned and shows the monument and an adjacent statue under a cloudy sky.  

The park system in New York is excellent for the maintenance of the people's physical and mental health.  Olmstead and Vaux performed a great service for the population of New York.  These postcards point the way to further study of urban planning and how parks affect city dwellers.  If anyone want to e-mail me about Prospect Park or any other park I can be reached at  As always - happy hunting!