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Recently my sister and my niece took a day trip to Goshen, Indiana. It was a rainy day and they were looking for something to do and decided on a quick trip to the quaint town. In short, they had a great time visiting antique shops, enjoying lunch and shopping and browsing.

Goshen is conveniently located between Elkhart and Shipshewana, Indiana and can easily be reached via the Indiana Toll Road. And there’s plenty of activities and attractions for all ages. They spent some time enjoying the Old Bag Factory, which is a large building that now houses a host of antique shops, furniture shops, eateries, art studios and craft businesses.

My sister –who knows I am interested in historic towns and antiques – brought me brochures and newspapers from the area. A newspaper, “Neighbors,” which is published and distributed throughout southwestern Michigan as well as several locations in Indiana featured an interesting article about postcards.

And what was even more interesting, is that the collector of these postcards is someone I know. The article said Floyd Jerdon and his wife, Donna, have collected postcards from the Southwestern Michigan area for about 20 years. The postcards they have featured old time shots of Dowagiac, Michigan, which is where I spent my summers throughout my childhood. More accurately, I spent my summers on Dewey Lake, a part of the Greater Sister Lakes area, located about 8-10 miles from Dowagiac, where we visited often for groceries and other shopping. There are several inland lakes in the area including the Sister Lakes, Round, Big Crooked and Little Crooked as well as Indian Lake, Magician Lake and Twin Lakes.

Jerdon has operated Jerdon Real Estate Company for many years, and the name is familiar with most anyone from that area. I’ve often seen his black and yellow real estate signs advertising a property for sale. And the company is going strong with Tom Jerdon as co-owner of the business now.

But back to the postcards. It brought back memories to see postcards featuring Dowagiac’s main street –Front Street –shot back in the 1950s or 1960s. My memories of the town are from the `60s when there was a large department store, “The Fair,” a movie theater and Caruso’s Ice Cream shop (which continues operation today). I enjoyed a beautiful shot of the large, impressive Dowagiac Public Library, complete with its ivy-covered outer walls. And there were also postcards from the lakes around the area, including Indian and Dewey Lakes. The postcards took up three pages in the paper and I enjoyed a trip down memory lane. It was somewhat of a surprise to see the postcards, and now, I’d like to see more.

Somewhere in my family archives is a postcard taken of Big Crooked Lake that I’m in—Me, in the driver’s seat, my younger sister and a couple of my cousins were cruising around the lake in our Thompson wooden boat with the 35 HP outboard Evinrude motor. It was late summer and the trees were just getting ready to burst with color. A photographer motioned us into shore and asked me to come back around and turn the boat right where he was set up. The lake was quite calm and I did what I was told with the steering. I didn’t think we’d ever make the final cut as a published postcard, so imagine my surprise when the following summer, I saw the postcard in a shop –and there we were! My mother purchased several of the postcards and I think there are still a few somewhere around.

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