Heavily Embossed postcards are exactly what the name implies, they are very thick postcard with high dimension embossing. This was not a new process in ephemera, as calendars, Valentines, and other decorative items had been made with this process for quite some time.

For the most part the postal service required any item with this embossing, glitter, or metal attachments to be sent in glassine envelopes which protected the carrier’s hands. While they may be cancelled, they were then put in these envelopes that allowed you to read through them for delivery. The envelopes were discarded after delivery for the most part.

Most of this material is for birthday or general greetings and an abundance of the material is floral. The holiday postcards of Halloween, Santa Claus, and Valentines have already been filed in the holiday topics for the most part. But, this category should not be overlooked. There are great sports related items, automobiles, social history, and more.

The prices have always been reasonable, but with the increased interest I see the prices increasing. So, now is the time to take a good look. The added dimension does enhance many of the images. My favorite are the beautiful woman in big hats which have had chromolithographic faces applies to add to the beauty.

Another reason to plow through those dollar boxes now before everyone jumps on the buying wagon.